Who Knew?

Who knew that there was a "jean needle"?  So, apparently I'm a little hard-headed, but maybe this time it's okay.  The sewing machine shop lady told me not to use this jean thread in my machine.  Apparently I needed, according to her, a heavy duty sewing machine to make these bags out of heavy material like jean.  The thing is, I've sewn on jean material before with this same machine, so I started asking real seamstresses for their opinions.  My summation of all that I heard was, "make sure you use the correct needle for the type of fabric and thread."

With that being said, I was directed to some "jean needles".  Surprisingly enough, Wal-Mart had them!  And so far (I'm crossing my fingers and knocking on wood) I haven't had any problems.  Except for now I've run out of thread and am crossing my fingers that Wal-Mart still has this thread.  Push come to shove, I can finish the rest of the bag without it, but I won't be able to topstitch the bottom edging and sides of the bag.  So, I hope that I can find this thread again because the color is authentic.  I've never run out of thread on one project before.  Maybe this spool was smaller because the thread was so thick. 

So this is my sewing WIP.  I have been assembling it tonight.  All that's left is sewing the sides and bottom of the bag, adding the pocket closure and topstitching.  I love this pattern!

Here is the basic part to the bag.

Here is the lining.  It's a check pattern.

Alessandra, these are the pins I mentioned a while back.  I guess they are quilting pins, but they look like flowers and they're super long so I really like them.  :-)


  1. Good luck in your search for the right thread. I am looking forward to seeing the finished bag!


  2. I don't know much about sewing but I could have told you that. I always wear jeans and I need to shorten them and that is something I can't do at home because we don't have the proper machine. The best one to sew jean fabric -it even can pierce folded heavy material- is a shoe sewing machine. Fortunately where I live there are many shoe factories and seamstresses do have it. :-)

    Hope you can make your bag with just a jean needle and do not end sending the sewing machine for repair again!

  3. thank you for showing me the pins, Libby! :o)

    I can't wait to see the bag all finished.

  4. I can't wait to see the bags finished. Love the fabric choices!

  5. Your bag came out great lib. I am crocheting a market bag of similar shape.


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