After work yesterday, I went thrift shopping with a friend.  I was looking for wooden bar stools and she was just looking.  We stopped at a couple of nice consignment shops - it really does make a difference where they are located.  We were in the neighboring county that has a lot of upperclass people, so all the things in the consignment shops are usually really nice and name brands (if you're in to that).  Then we went to the Habitat store which is amazing.  It's a huge warehouse divided into "departments".  Three older sewing machines caught my eye because I'm always looking to find one that is unique and will sew those bags.  The last thrift shop we stopped at is really that - a thrift shop.  It's this house brimming with everything in every nook and crannie.  You have to dig, but the last time I found handkerchiefs and nice table napkins for my cousin and some fabrics for myself.  All together I maybe paid $5.  Yesterday, I ended up finding a cool skirt for $5 and two spoon racks for my mom.  She collects spoons from different states.  My friend found a few things she needed, although her husband will probably disagree.  :-)

Even the bag is cool!
Oh I can't wait to wear this with my tall brown boots!

So, no bar stools....until I took her back home and was explaining to her husband what I was looking for.  Then, voila!  He brought two wooden bar stools out of their apartment and gave them to me!!!  Why?  Because they bought them when they first came here but the stools were too high for their counters.  (They only paid $5 a piece for them at the flea market - I love thrifty friends.)  So now I have half of what I was looking for.  I'm excited to get ready to cover them to match the kitchen.  I have some leftover fabric from a seat I covered and I think it will be perfect for this space.

Here is my kitchen:

My parents cringed when they heard I was going to paint that knotty pine about two years ago,but now they love it.  The room facing it is still all brown but at least I can have these colors to brighten the day!

Here are the stools and the fabric I'm using for the seats:

After I got back in, I did take a few moments to knit 3 more inches to the scarf, so now I have 7" remaining before I can fringe.  :-)

Happy Saturday!


  1. I don't like skirts (only wear them at weddings) but I must say I would wear that one, it is so cool!

    We don't have fleemarkets here. :-(

    I miss your pics and posts about decorating your kitchen. Did you paint something else? Where did you put the Mexican tiles? I can't wait to see the stools covered. :-)

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