Still Not Really "Crafting"....

Maybe I should reconsider naming this post because I think that cooking is a craft, it's just that my hooks and needles haven't been touched much lately (there seems to be no time).  I'm trying to make a soup 2 to three times a week.  (That's probably what happens when you buy a soup cookbook with over 500 recipes!)  I have a serving for dinner, save a serving for lunch the next day, give two portions to my friends, and freeze a portion.  So when I'm done soupin' I can have one kind of each soup in the freezer.

So tonight's "soup" was really a gumbo.  I sent this recipe to one of my Flickr friends and I thought I may as well try it out.  After rereading the recipe that I got from Taste of Home, I stumbled across it again in, realizing that "Hey, that looks like my picture up there!"  Duh, I made this gumbo last year....

So here's to gumbo.  It's not Sunday, but it is a "Sunday Gumbo." (and I sampled it and I was deeeelighted!!!)

As always, my version of the recipe is here.

In the words of my dear friend Kar, "Toodles Noodles!" :-D


  1. Oh my Gosh! You are making me so hungry right now! I absolutely LOVE gumbo. It's my all time favorite. I'm going to have to make sure that all the ingredients are on my list the next time I go to the store. :) Thanks for stirring up the ideas!

    Hope you have a great day tomorrow, dear friend. :)


  2. I have to check this recipe because I have no idea of what a gumbo is... But red soups look very appealing to me. :-D


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