New Seats for Friends: How to Cover Bar Stools {Tutorial}


Today I made a list of the unfinished things that need to be done around my home.  You know, things that you see but forget about until you see them again, but it's too late to do something about it right then.  There are lots of things on that list.  Tonight, I decided to cross one of the things off the list that didn't require money, just time - covering the bar stools.

Remember the wooden bar stools that my friends gave me the other week?  These stools don't have detachable legs, so I had to work around them.  Here's basically what I did, and I was finished in about an hour.



  1. Only one hour? I think I will call you whenever I need to do some work at home! lol. You did a great job. :-)

  2. it looks amazing, I love it!
    great job!!!


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