Saturday Tidbits

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Here, the weather is a bit chilly.  It's time for me to find some warmer apparel.  I like being warm.

Here are the tiny tidbits of what's happening or has happened:
  • The field trip was great!  And only one person in my group managed to be stung by a yellow jacket - and she was my volunteer.  I'll let you know when pics are ready for viewing.
  • Thursday I got another sale and I put that package in the mail on yesterday.  That makes me have 4 sales.  :-)
  • I finished the ribbed scarf and have now posted it in my shop

  • My sewing machine was ready for pick up on yesterday and so it's now happily in my home.  I missed her.
Well, that's about it.  I'm happily sipping on a cup of hazelnut creme coffee.  Yes, it's decaf and it's soooo good!

Have a great day!


  1. Nice.....very nice........and by the way how do I put my name on my pics. What did you use?

    Love hazelnut...Mmmmm

  2. I use Photoshop Elements for almost all of my editing, which includes putting my name up there, but you can do the same with Picnik ( is also free or Picasa (a free Google software). Both of those are good.

  3. Very cute scarf! Love the texture and color!


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