Preparing the Birthday Surprise

I've been wanting to use my sewing machine for so long, but have been distracted by crocheting and wanting to practice knitting so of course, the machine stayed in its case.  Finally I pulled it out to begin working on that bag and then the bobbin timing went out and I had to put the machine in the shop.  Now, after days of having it home, I was finally able to make something tonight.

My friend that gave me all the fabulous yarn from Peru is having a birthday at the end of this month.  The knitted scarf that I'm still working on will be hers as well as this apron.  She mentioned some time ago about wanting an apron.  These pictures don't do it justice so I will try and take better ones later, but I'm excited about this finished project!  Of course, I still have to finish that scarf....

and now I  have to go clean up my mess before saying goodnite.  :-)

p.s.  I made a delicious and easy potato leek soup tonight too.  Um..yummy. 


  1. Lib love the apron, dragonflies are a fav. of mine. The soup sound yummy!

  2. Hope your friend doesn't read your blog or the surprise will be spoiled! The apron is really cute. Work hard on that scarf, I know you can do it! She is going to love her gifst. :-)

  3. cute apron! love the color =D The soup sounds delicious too.

  4. @ Alhana, nope. She doesn't read my blogs so I'm safe. :-)

  5. wonderful apron, I love the fabric!


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