Camp Millstone

Recently, I took a trip to a local campsite sponsored by the 4-H Club.  It was a time for learning about ecology.  This is one of my favorite local trips not only because I get to learn a little more about nature, but also because I can take my camera along.  Here are a few  highlights from that day:


  1. Looks like you had a fun day Libby. I could pass on the snakes though. :) I love going for trips like these. The only problem in the girls want to bring all the animals home. LOL!!!


  2. All that I can say is that these are awesome pictures. I didn't even have to visit camp millstone and you made me feel as if I was there. Keep on shooting.

  3. Libby, awesome series. I love the detailed shots of course. I bet that you were happy that you brought your camera along. Man that's a big bunny rabbit!!! I enjoyed the set and can wait for my zoo day coming up on the 18th.


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