10" + A Giveaway!

I haven't been crafting much lately, mostly due to a large workload, being utterly exhausted, and a touch of "I don't feel like crocheting" mood.  Thankfully after a good night's rest on yesterday, after I left work today, I felt the "craft bug" bite back.  And it's a good feeling.

After washing the dishes and having everything ready for work tomorrow, I picked up the knitting needles and sat down to watch Grey's Anatomy, my favorite show!, and Private Practice, which is back on my good list.  There was a little snippet of some show that I had on before Grey's but it was just on for noise and I don't even know what it was.  Anyways, I was able to finally get back to the knitted scarf and now I have only 10 more inches to go!!!  I was pumped because although I chose to frog about 3 rows because the yarn was doing something weird and unacceptable, I was able to reinsert the needles in the right direction and weave in the new end as I went.  Thanks, Chawne for that tip!

I won't post a picture until I'm done.


About the giveaway - Ashley is having an amazing giveaway.  There are so many chances to win, so go over to her site and sign up.  :-D


  1. can't wait to see it. I am waiting for my next knit-crochet group to have my friend laura get me started with knitting...can't wait.

    lib enjoy your weekend.

  2. I'm giving Private Practice another chance too. Towards the end of last season I had decided not to watch it anymore, it was all about who's sleeping with who. But, I'm watching it again anyway lol! =D Thanks for spreading the word about my giveaway. Hope you have a great weekend!


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