Yes, Another Neckwarmer

This is one you've seen before as it is the first neckwarmer I made, but I couldn't get a photograph that suited me, so I finally decided to change the background to black. Now I'm satisfied with the photograph enough to post the item in my shop.

This afternoon, I was able to photograph the remaining items I had pulled out to list in the shop this week. You'll see those in the near future.

On a side: This is my favorite season of the year! This time of year is when I really enjoy cooking warm, hearty meals. Tonight I decided to go Caribbean so I'm making my brother's famous curry chicken in a crock pot. So, I expect to wake up to the glorious fragrance of curry chicken. After work I'll do the rice 'n peas using coconut milk.


  1. Love yellow and that meal sounds delicious.

    I will miss the new england fall but not the winter. I am getting in the mood for some Ribolita Stew!

  2. I like your picture and cowl. Love yellow too!!!

    Crockpots are really handy aren't they? Hoping to start using mine again one day.

    thanks for sharing.

  3. Love the neckwarmer Libby. It's so bright and cheery. That would be a perfect burst of color on a drab fall/winter day.


  4. Great neckwarmer Libby! I wish we could hold onto summer a little longer, but I better just get used to the idea of fall (which is lovely, but I'm not so much a fan of winter:)
    Curry chicken and rice and peas for dinner-I'm on my way!

  5. You did well choosing a dark background, it brings out the yellow neckwarmer.

    I'm an autumn fan too! :-)


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