Yay! - A Sell!

I stepped away from my computer for a bit and when I came back, I was delighted to see that I got a sell! It was the taupe and white two-tone hat that I posted yesterday. I'm all smiles right now. :-D

Image source: http://i.ehow.com/images/GlobalPhoto/Articles/4475392/smile1-main_Full.jpg


  1. Congratulations, my friend!
    Wish you many more!!!

  2. Yea Libby!!!! You go girl!!! I know more will be coming.

    The picture of the kitty is too darn cute!


  3. Thats Awesome Lib! You definitely have some cute items, love the blue hat with the white trim ,3 buttons, matching scarf. Wishing you many many more....!


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