Teal Paints Neckwarmer

Maybe I needed to make one of these for myself a little earlier. I'm back to work and my sinuses are acting crazy already. Nevertheless, I made another neckwarmer. This time in a teal variegated yarn.

I intend on making another one of these for the shop in the remaining aqua silk/wool blend yarn. That way the hat that I already made will have a match. Then I will work on the ones I mentioned earlier for the football games. And of course, I will make one for myself. I just have to see what yarn I will use from my stash. Then I most likely will retire this pattern and start on a different style. I'm thinking one with buttons.

My goal is to try "enough" crochet patterns and make "enough" crocheted items so that I can concentrate on practicing knitting without the constant crocheting commercial breaks. Yeah, we'll see how that really turns out.

Until then!


  1. The neckwarmer is so pretty, love the blue and green tones.
    I know what you mean about sinuses-mine have been driving me crazy too.Each night I'm putting Vicks under my nose (:
    Have a good Thursday Libby!

  2. Did I read "practicing knitting"? :-D
    Matching hats & neckwarmers is a great idea. Btw, I've always seen crocheted neckwarmers with buttons and fabric ones without.
    Take care!

  3. the neckwarmer is fabulous Libby, the color is stunning!
    I have been trying to make one item/day, I really need to sell more, but sales are slow... I keep my fingers crossed, hoping for the best!
    and yes, my stash doesn't grow too fast... LOL

  4. @ Nichole: Yes, last night my face was slabbed with Vicks!

    @ Alhana: Yes, you read correctly. :-) I want to make some things, but I need to practice. The problem is that I can't seem to put down these hooks. lol

    @ Ale: I've been trying to work on something daily as well. It takes me a while for the pictures and writeups, so I've been trying to develop a system of making items vs. listing that works for me and my crazy schedule! I hope for sales too, but right now my focus is on making things that I enjoy and crossing my fingers for sales. :-)

  5. love the teal! I don't think I will be needing any neck warmers here in texas but I think I will make them for the family and friends back in boston...can you tell me where to get a free pattern!

    How is being back at work? Grade 7?

  6. Thanks Libby for the award! Sorry I haven't really been around to say thanks. Crazy around here, as usual. :)

    Love the neck warmers! And the color is so pretty! You are definitely stirring up some ideas! :)

    Hope school is going well and the kids are treating you good!



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