Soup's On

I am so glad that I cooked the Southwestern Black Bean Soup last night because my schedule today has been really long. Now I don't have to worry about preparing dinner before church tonight. The only thing I did after work was to cook a piece of garlic bread. I love the Texas Toast style garlic bread. Then again, I love garlic so it could have been spread on any type of bread!

Here's the original recipe for the soup. As always, I'll tell you my modifications at the end. Don't you love how I do that? :-)

Southwestern Black Bean Soup
1 c onion; chopped (1 large)
4 ea clove garlic; finely chopped
2 T vegetable oil
1 lb black beans; dried
2 c ham; smoked, cooked, cubed
6 c chicken broth
2 T red chiles, ground
2 T cilantro; fresh, snipped
1 T oregano leaves; dried
2 t cumin; ground
28 oz. whole tomatoes, undrained
1 ea chipotle chile (in adobo sauce)

Cook and stir onion and garlic in oi in a 4-qt pot until onion is tender. Stir in remaining ingredients; heat to boiling. Boil 2 minutes; reduce heat. Cover and simmer until beans are tender. Serve with sour cream.

*My motto: Use what you have! That being said, here are my modifications for this time: I used a can of black beans and a can of kidney beans, both rinsed off. I didn't use the chopped ham, but I had a few ham trimmings that I added. I probably used half as much broth because I didn't want the soup too soupy. You'll have to judge for yourself. Also this time, I didn't use the chipotle peppers in adobo sauce because my future dinner guests don't like too many spices like that. Instead I used a panca pepper sauce that is similar to adobo sauce, but more mild and I added more cumin. So in essence, with these modifications, this soup was flavorful but not spicy.

On an average day, I would love to make this dish with that chipotle especially because it's such a good, smokey flavor. With that, the sour cream makes a great addition on top. Since I didn't use that pepper, I added shredded cheese on top of my soup and it was delicious!

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