Sometimes It's In the Small Stuff

I just wanted to share some of the small things in life that mean a lot:

One of my students gave me this crocheted butterfly today. Her mom sent it to me. :-)

Then two girls gave me some candies from Mexico. They have chili powder on the outside and mango flavors on the inside. I can't wait to try them out. Sounds like an interesting combination...

One of the girls who runs the gym I attend got married Labor Day weekend. She left wedding favors for us gym ladies. She made them herself. See, you don't have to break the bank for your wedding and everything doesn't have to be commercial if you don't want it to be.

Ahh, I finally found my liquid vitamin. I just have to remember to take it daily. More power! More energy! Work more at work, more crafting at home, eh?

Hope you all had a great day today!


  1. lots of things!
    you must be the most adorable teacher!!!

  2. I so agree, the small things are the things that keep us going daily! I need to get on a vitamin program too (:

  3. I love Rockaletas!!! They can make your mouth pucker! But they are huge!! :D lovely butterfly! All of your little things are delights, aren't they?

  4. People don't notice (or refuse to acknowledge) that little things like these can brighten up somebody's day.

    Receiving such presents from your students at the beginning of the school year? I agree, you must be the most adorable teacher!

  5. Love the new pic. That was so sweet of your student mother to crochet you the butterfly. I agree things dont have to be commercial and high price all the time.

    Girl I honestly don't know if I could eat one of those candies...let me know what it taste like....very curious.

    Vitamin spray, did you say spray or liquid.

    Lib now that my love is Market America
    I just gave this lecture, Market America is ahead of science selling us this supplement, these magic vitamins, probiotics, activia, ......

    simple get it from your food......just by adding more fruits and veggies during the day.........

    I use this illustration - shackles on or off....none of us want to be shackled to buying this products and honestly none of us can really afford to keep up with the demands of all of this.....plz don't be mad at me for sharing my opinion, a professional one but still opinion because only god understands our complex bodies completely.....besides more money for fresh food or fresh yarn!


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