Mission Accomplished!

Hey Everybody,

Thanks for the feedback on rethinking my goal. I appreciate it. I thought I was going to run out of things to list because I haven't crocheted anything for sales in the last week or so, but thankfully I had a couple of more items in the FO container. :-)

This has been a busy night between getting the plumbing on my kitchen sink done (yah!) - and yes the plumber did the work, prepping for the new do - I'll be free soon!, watching the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy - it was good and long, getting ready for work - progress reports go out and tomorrow's a short day due to Homecoming, and of course listing items.

And now I can say, there are officially 33 items listed according to EST (Eastern Standard Time) on 9-25-09. I'll post pics later.

Good nite!


  1. Take a breather dear! You deserve it! We don't want you to burn out. I hope you have a well deserved GREAT weekend!



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