Lots and Lots of Pins

The other day I went to Walmart to purchase some sewing notions - this was before the mishap with the sewing machine. There isn't much to choose from since all the Walmarts in my area have gotten rid of their sewing and much of their craft department. They basically sell yarn, and some don't even do that. Anyways, to my surprise, they had some of their cutting mats on clearance. Yes! I was able to buy the last two 23"x23" cutting mats for $5 a piece. (Now I can finally use those rotary cutters someone gave me - when I get a ruler.)

I also purchased these long flower pins. I saw someone blocking some knitted squares with those and I thought they were so cute.

I am now blocking the Coastal Granny Lapghan that I made earlier this year. I have never blocked something using this method before. I usually try and use the steam on my iron. Here's to new things. Hope this comes out right. (I love that variegated yarn.)

* The cutting mats are covered with a towel because I ran out of room on the paper cutting board.


  1. I think it is sad Walmart doesn't have much of a craft department, but what a score on the cutting mats. Your afghan looks wonderful, I have blocked only a few items.

  2. great deal on those cutting mats!
    I don't know if I have ever seen flower pins...
    I am sure you will have a great result with this blocking method.

  3. I think all of the Walmart stores have gotten rid of their craft areas. What a big shame. I know that area was always a big hit in the store near us.

    What a steal on the cutting mats! Lucky girl! They come in handy for just about anything.



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