For S-A-L-E!

Last night I had trouble going to sleep, so I got up and decided to post another item. Then it was back to bed until the alarm clock went off.

This evening I decided to post a couple of hats I had made from a pattern that I won't use anymore because the final product wasn't like what the pattern suggested. When I see the words "head hugger" I think, "this hat will actually hug my head - like a beanie". Well, this pattern wasn't written that way. I tried it three times varying stitches to see if it was my error, but nope, it's just the way that pattern is. So, I decided to mark these hats down to $5 as they were tester hats. They're still great hats.

Here is what I listed. Now I have 30 items up in my shop!

The "Frosty Green Fleck Waffle Print" Scarf
The "Chunky Taupe Head Hugger" Hat
The "Hunter Green Head Hugger" Hats - I made two of these.
And 3 more to go...


  1. oh my goodness, you are almost there!!!
    I have been trying to reach 100 items, but I find it hard to get enough time to make them all...

  2. You are really kicking my tail in the Finished Project dept. At least you aren't dealing with sleeves and patterns that have info left out of them.

    All the items looks FAB Libby. More wonderful work!



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