There are some things I like to crochet and there are other things I'd like to sew. I've recently come to realize that although I love the market-style bags that others crochet so well, I would much rather sew them, so that is what I set out to do.

A few years ago, I made myself a bag out of an ethnic print upholstery fabric and lined it with black linen. Why? It was what I had in the house. (You know when I get trapped in, I must find something to craft, so I did.) Once my cousin gave out those red pins for Christmas - the ones that mean that money was donated to help the "AIDS in Africa" effort. That was the pin I used on this bag I made and I received lots of compliments. Recently I decided to make more of these bags, but in different fabrics.

I was all set yesterday, had my denim outer material cut out and the lining too. I was working on the pocket when....POP! That was the sound of my sewing needle hitting the pin that held the pocket in place. After replacing the needle with a spare (not even the same one), my bobbin was acting weird. Today I got to the Singer repair shop right before closing to find out that....my bobbin timing was off and I would have to wait to this weekend at the earliest to get my machine back!!!! So, there goes my bags.

Back to crocheting? No, I've decided that the needle breaking was just a sign that I need to tidy up loose ends around here, do things that I've been neglecting to do, and upload items that have already been made. Remember, I've got to meet my deadline.

With that being said, today I listed 3 notecard collections (sets of 8) and a single notecard. All are my own photography prints. I've got something in mind for each season, but I'm playing around with presentation ideas.

27 down, 6 more to go.


  1. I love the print on that bag! Very fun! Are you going to put those on your shop too, or are they for you? the note card is really nice! You're so talented.

  2. You have so many talents dear. I'm very impressed! The notecards are very nice. Good luck with those also.

    I've tried to "sew" through many pins before but luckily nothing has messed up on the machine, yet. I try to use less pins now or just try to catch them before they get close to the needle.

    Have fun getting things together. I should really do that around here! Getting a little crazy around here.



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