An Eventful Evening

This is my favorite season and it's also my favorite time of year to cook. I love warm, hearty meals and the smell of spices throughout the house. I wish you could scratch and sniff this screen to smell the flavors tonight.

At work, I read the children two recipes and I told them to vote on which one I should make. They chose the Southwestern Black Bean Soup, so that's what I made tonight. It's for tomorrow. Oh, that cumin is glorious - it's one of my favorite spices because of the smokey flavor. I'll let you get a sneak peek inside my pot.

Remembering earlier that I told you that I was going to cook a curry chicken meal, I wanted to let you know that I did in fact do that. That meal was started Sunday night in the crock pot. You can view the recipes here on my other blog.

Now that those things are finished, I want to relax some before bedtime and work on a knitting project. Yes, I said it, a knitting project. I started it a couple of days ago but had to frog it 3 times, partly because of my clumsiness with these needles and partly because of the yarn I chose. But, I will not be defeated.

I try so hard to focus, separating my craft world from my work world - in my head, but what should happen today? My mom drops by and gives me a knitting book she found for 50 cents somewhere. She volunteers at my job to let children read to her in the mornings so she brought that by while she was there. I rammed it into my purse so I wouldn't look at it until later. Such will power....

Well, happy crafting!


  1. What time should I be over for dinner? :) Everything looks yummy!

    What are you up to now with your knitting? You are so lucky to be able to share your day with your Mom while at work. How sweet. :)

    Hope you have a great day!


  2. That looks delicious! I wish it was a scratch and sniff! You're making me hungry =D

  3. I would love to make that Southwestern Black Bean Soup, if you don't mind sharing your recipe... it looks so good, Gee!

  4. Don't be defeated by a couple of shameless needles! I am here to support you. ;-)

    Enjoy cooking!


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