Birthday Surprises

Today was a long, but special day because I celebrated my 33rd birthday. At work, the kids sang the "Happy Birthday" song, per the instructions of the music teacher in her absence. They were almost all on key. :-) One student left a bag on my desk with an orange soda and a little cake along with a note in his handwriting wishing me happy birthday. And another kid drew a picture of Tweety Bird, also with birthday wishes.

When I got home, I immediately opened up my birthday present from Alhana, all the way from Spain. I had it for 3 days but wanted to open it only on today. She sent me lots of wonderful things. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

14 years ago I walked into a salon and said, "Cut it off," and I walked out a few minutes later with about 1 1/2 inches of hair. I was 19. Today I basically did the same thing. The hairstylist asked, "Are you sure?" My response was, "Do it now before I change my mind." So all of the perm is officially gone and I will restart this process of learning my own natural hair again. The last journey lasted me 10 years. We'll see where this one leads me.

So, after what is referred to in the natural hair world as "The Big Chop" (TBC), I went out to dinner with some friends of mine. We celebrated their 5 year anniversary and my birthday at a Japanese restaurant. The food was delicious! Ok, you know I took pictures.

Steak and lobster (not mine)

What was left of filet mignon and chicken (not mine)

Chicken and shrimp (mine) - there's still enough for many days!

So, like I said, this was a really long day but such a wonderful day. I am thankful to God for life, family, and wonderful friends both near and far.


  1. Happy Birthday~!

    I am glad everything arrived safely! I feared everything breakable would break. :-)

    I really love your new hairstyle. Didn't know your natural hair was so curly and fuzzy! It frames your face nicely and makes you look pretty.

  2. Happy Birthday once more, Libby!! You look gorgeous even after TBC!!
    Alhana gift pack is full of interesting things!!

  3. Cumpleanos feliz chica! TBC looks darling on you!!! How neat you got a b-day package from Espana!


    So glad to hear you had a great day! Looks like you got lots of great things for your birthday and a FAB dinner too!

    I too think that the new hair style looks great on you. At least you have to courage to go with something totally new. Not sure I could. :)

    Have a great weekend dear!


  5. Happy Birthday Libby! What a wonderful day! Your hair looks fabulous!

  6. I feel so bad to have missed your birthday and not having wished you a happy birthday!!! I'll be praying for you to have a great year and I'm sending you one very big, bear hug! (you look younger than me, by the way! and I'm 31!)


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