Because You Inquired

The Southwestern Black Bean Soup was delicious, especially accompanied by a slice of Texas Toast garlic bread! Click here for the original recipe for this soup and my modifications for this time. Wish you could all come over!

And, ok, Alhana, I won't be defeated. I have set my mind to finish this project. I plan to knit a specified amount of inches each day so that I don't feel overwhelmed. My crochet hooks have temporarily been laid aside. I plan to pick it up for a small project or two, but not right now.


  1. Thanks for sharing the recipe Libby. I'm definitely going to try it when it gets cooler around here.

    The purple yarn is very pretty. Em even approves. Can't wait to see what you are creating with it.


  2. I love soup thank you for sharing the recipe, what are you knitting?

  3. I will try this one, for sure!
    Thanks for sharing, Libby.


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