The "Me Bag"

Hello all,

The students have arrived back to school and I am still trying to adjust to the new schedule for me. No more late night crochetings! :-) It is my desire to organize myself and to be disciplined enough so that I can finish as much school work on my job so that I can devote more "me time" at home. Does that make sense?

On the first day of school I always assign this project called a "Me Bag." I give each student a brown paper lunch bag. Their homework assignment is to redesign the bag so that it represents them. They can cut things on the bag, add things to the bag, color it, whatever. Then they must place three items inside the bag that tell more about them. On the next day, they present those things to the class. Much like "Show and Tell."

I always present first. First I pulled out an empty bag of Ti Kuan Yin green tea that was imported from China - a friend gave it to me. It is one of my favorite teas (although I can't find that brand here in the U.S.). I explained to the children about my love for teas. Then I pulled out a new bottle of Hot Jamaican Curry Powder manufactured by Blue Mountain company in NY. My aunt sent that down to me as it is nearly impossible to find real Jamaican spices here as well. Again, I explained to the children my love for spices and ethnic dishes. Finally, I pulled a skein of yarn with an unfinished beanie hat attached. Mouths went open. "Wow!" they exclaimed. "Did you make that?" they asked. Then I proceeded to show them a few stitches while I explained my love for crafting. You could hear a pin drop and you could feel the stares of little eyes on you all at once. Their attention was captivated and then I wondered, How will I use that for motivation purposes this year? What is it about an aluminum hook and yarn that brings such a silence; that holds children captive?

Trust me, the wheels in my head are turning as I think about such things this year. In the meantime, I will continue crafting and teaching; crafting and teaching. And yes, I do have a few items to share with you.

Until then,


  1. I looooove your cute little students! :-D

  2. This year I am starting a "crochet club" with my mom's 6th graders. It doesn't start for another couple weeks but almost all the children have already brought in yarn and hooks! It's great to see their excitement-even the boys! Some of them are even brainstorming ideas of selling their items at a boutique to raise money for their week at outdoor school.

  3. What a great idea about the "me bag"-getting to know the students more. Wish I could be in your class, because I need to borrow that Jamacian curry(:
    Have a good day friend!
    (p.s. thank you so much for the kind words on my canning post).

  4. That is a great project. I have been making crochet food, today I crocheted 2 strips of bacon during free play.

  5. Hello Lib:

    I love the brown bag assignment.

    Hey my eyes grow wide when I see yarn or something fabulous that someone created.

    I am very attracted to color, I love yarn because it is so colorful and I love fruit and veggies for the same reason.

    Tomorrow is Friday and Tom and I are going to San Antonio Texas to the Riverwalk, going to try and get a few fun things in over the weekend because come Monday he will be back to work 6 days per week. I will miss but on the other hand he has been home since July 18 and I am bout ready to lose my mind girl.....I want that man outta here!
    He taking up so much of my good crocheting kidding.....! Poor Tom....I love him for putting up me a crocheting crazy woman.


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