33 by 33

So, what does that mean? In just a matter of days I will be 33 years old. My goal is to have 33 items posted in my shop by age 33. I'm not concerned about sales right now; I'm just finding joy in uploading finished objects. The sales will come in due time.

Today I'm listing a walnut brown neckwamer made of organic cotton yarn. It is sooo soft!

Misty wouldn't cooperate earlier when I tried photographing her on the white background. I let her think she won by photographing her against the black. What she will now realize is that I still have the option of choosing her neckwarmer laid flat on white. ;-)

I'm going to edit one of my listings and put a sample of me wearing one of the beanies. It's the one I originally was going to sell, but after I listed it, I liked it so much that I chose it for myself and then made another one for the shop.

Notice, I'm still wearing the braids, so for all of you curious about the new do, you'll just have to wait. Truth be told, I don't know what I'll have until the braids come out. Going natural is a learning experience every day! This time though, I'll be more educated about it.


  1. Hey... I don't use to visit blogs like this but I came here while looking for a another blog nevertheless I thought that your handcrafts are amazing...


    Have a good night

  2. Once again I have to say that your pictures are awesome!
    Well, your crochet is fabulous too. :o)

  3. Kudos to you Libby on setting a goal for your shop. I still can't come up with one single main item that I would make to sell in a shop. Too many ideas running around in my head. It's a zoo.

    I would have never guessed you were anywhere near 33. You are still a young little "pup". :) I still like your braids in your hair. You look casual and care free. It fits you.

    Have a great day dear!

  4. That's a great goal! I really like your "sample" idea too.

  5. Happy Birthday! Both the neck warmer and the cap are super cute.

  6. I can't wait to see your natural hair. And tell Misty you're going to buy her a cute pink background: she will be happy and cooperate eagerly. ;-)


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