I'm Back and Trying to Fill You In!

Hi all,

I feel like I've neglected my own blog for a little while now, but it's only because I'm back at work and have been trying to finalize so many things before the students arrive. I have enjoyed reading your blogs and posting about giveaways and such, but now I wanted to show you a few pictures of what I've been doing.

The items I'm posting aren't really new to you, but the photography is. I've been enjoying my lightbox creation and exploring more about photography. For me, photography is a nice way to blend together many of my loves - cooking, crafting, nature, and enjoying friends and family.

Think back to the gray handbag made earlier. Initially I had topstitched the lining but when I began to handstitch the lining to the bag, I didn't like the look so I put this project away. Recently I purchased some transparent thread and used that to handstitch the lining in place.

Here's a revisit to the second fat bottom bag I made. If you recall, it used to have the brown bamboo handles. I changed them out for black ones and sewed black satin bows on the front of the bag.
These bags have now been recently added to my shop. :-)

What am I working on now? A custom hat for Erica's daughter. And getting ready for school.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!



  1. The bags really turned out very nice Libby! I'm sure they will sell soon.

    I'm a bit excited for you to get your new class. You will be a super teacher again this year.

    Have a great weekend dear!


  2. These look great!!! The pictures really compliment your crochet work.

  3. These are such beautiful purses Libby, nice work! And I know you are going to have a great school year (:

  4. I really like the red bag with black handles and satin bow flowers. Both look different in these photographs!

    I'm sure you will be the MVT (most valued teacher) this year again. ;-)

  5. NICE WORK!! love what you did for your photos and if you don't mind, am about to steal the idea!

  6. beautiful bags Libby and the pictures are simply awesome!

    I had heard before that we were not allowed to make fat bottom bags to sell, just for personal use, I was told that the designer of the bag does not allow it... you might want to check if that is true.

    Have an awesome week!


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