Grandma's Shawl

On Thursday, my grandma celebrated her 77th birthday. Our family held a birthday celebration for her on Friday. As a person who doesn't like too many surprises, she was told about this celebration, but she only thought her direct line was coming - her kids and some of her grandkids. What she didn't know is that a few other people were invited, like her brother who is turning 81 on Saturday and some cousins that lived close by.

There was so much food and it was too good, but details about that on the other blog - when I finish working with the photos.

I wanted to share some pictures of my grandma wearing the shawl that I finished in the car on the way there. I worked non-stop for the 4 hour drive and was able to finish on time. This isn't a really big shawl like the one for my mom, but I still like it. I think I could wear a shawl like this.

*My back and hand are much better and so now I can work on the custom hat before returning to work. Then I may have to take a short break from the crochet world until I get situated on my job....if I can help it. Don't hold me to this; I'm prone to change my mind. :-D


  1. it looks awesome!!!!! good luck on your school year start!

  2. The shawl is very pretty! And your grandma is just too adorable! I'm sure she would love to hear that! LOL!!! She has the loveliest smile! Happy Birthday Grandma!!


  3. Lib the shawl is gorgeous! I know your Grandmother loves it and will wear it with pride. I can hear her telling her friends "my granddaughter made the shawl"!
    I am busy planning and packing so much to do and and I know your busy getting back into the groove of school, children, assignments.


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