For the Love of Blogging

Today, I was awarded a blogger award from Ashley. Thanks, Ashley!

Now, I would like to pass this award to 5 bloggers (in no particular order):

1. Cennetta - for her absolutely amazing sewing creations!
2. Alhana - for her determination to crochet even in sweltering heat and for finally going public with her crocheting!
3. Kar - for being a true yarn stash buster and for her entertaining family/crafting stories!
4. Nichole - for being an inspiration and finally picking up the knitting needles again!
5. Jenni - for showing me that it truly is possible to knit, crochet, and sew equally well!


  1. Thank you! I have a pic from these past holidays to show you I did go public for real. :-D

  2. oh my, what a nice thing to say! Libby, you are way too kind.

  3. Thanks Libby! I always appreciate your wonderful kindness(:

  4. about the silk scarf - its not like silky silk, its more like raw silk. As a single strand it feels rough to the touch. As a finished project it's a bit softer. I wonder if washing it will help?


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