Camryn's Climbing Shells Baby Blanket

Today I finished the climbing shells baby blanket for Little Miss Camryn Nicole. She's the newborn at my church. If you're interested in making this blanket, you can find the pattern here. It's one that can only be used for gifts or charity, so no Etsy. There is also a preemie version of this on the pattern.

I had to make a change for my grandma's shawl. I still intend to make a shawl out of that wonderful yarn, but my mom and I discussed it and we both think a plain shawl would be best for my grandma. So, I'll be making her a black shawl. That way she can wear it with more of her things.

I also checked You Tube for winding hanks by hand and found a fabulous video or two, but since I'm changing the yarn, I won't have to wind those just yet.

After completing my grandma's shawl, I'm going to have to rest my hand and my back. Both have been a little sore lately and I know why - I've got to make sure my posture is correct while crocheting and that I don't hold the yarn too tightly. The hand that is sore is the one that doesn't even do the crocheting!

So, even if I'm silent on my blog, you'll know that I'm making grandma's shawl!

* Today I found out that I will continue to be employed at my school in the same grade. Now I'm just waiting on the official letter! Whohoo. :-D


  1. Hi Libby:

    First let me say I am so happy that you have a job to return too. My brother also a teacher has changed jobs 3 x in 6 years and he too was afraid that he may not have a job to return to in the fall but like you he was one fortunate enough to remain in the same school, same classroom.
    I love the baby Afghan and you know a friends of mine had a baby girl c-section on the 31st of July and I wanted to make her a baby blanket and I had not decided on a patter as of yet (you do know that I that I can be very indecisive) and this blanket just might be the one so, thanks for sharing the pattern.
    I just finished the romantic fingerless mittens, a slouchy hat and now I am making a scarf to match...I will post is for a friend of mine that lives in Ny.
    I can't wait to see the black shawl when your finished and if you don't see me around for awhile it is because I am getting ready for our move to Texas....Tom and I are driving and going to do a blog about our road trip to Texas......I am so excited!

  2. Congratulations on your job! Now you can rest and enjoy these last days until school starts again.

    Sometimes, the simple one is the best option, although we'd like to create something awesome and beautiful. I'm sure your grandma will love the black shawl. :-)

    The baby blanket is pretty. Hope they enjoy it a lot!

  3. So glad about your job Libby!
    I love that blanket, its so beautiful and it's PINK, I love pink!
    You are such a wonderful crocheter, I'm still such a beginner with my crochet-and just probably an advanced beginner with my knitting (:
    I love to see your creations and thanks for the kind word about the girls and the pickles on yesterday's blog post.
    Have fun getting ready for the new school year!

  4. Glad to hear about your job and the afghan is beautiful, I hope you make a shawl from the wonderfully colored skeins I saw. My hand has been sore to I have been making hats. What is the name of your shop so I can heart you?

  5. I have heard about that ball winder, it is really nice, because it can be hand held as well as secured to a table. I paid $40 for mine years ago.

  6. I love the baby blanket Libby. You always do such a great job with the gifts you make. It will be loved. I agree with Gwen in that you should still make a shawl out of the pretty sock yarn you bought and maybe keep it for yourself then. :)

    Great news about your position. They couldn't get rid of a FAB teacher such as yourself. Too big of a loss!

    Have a great day dear!

  7. Yes the fingerless mittens/gloves are very easy. The pattern for these gloves have a strap that goes across the wrist and then add the buttom which is cute but I just didn't have to to do the extra. I send you the pattern if you the pattern if you like, but I will need your email.

  8. Thank you for sharing this pattern. And I really like your blanket, it looks real cuddly and soft!

    I've been itching to make a baby blanket for a while, as I'm on a scarf, mitts, and hats making, preparing for winter.

    But I just might do this next.

    Thank you for sharing.


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