For the Love of Blogging


Today, I was awarded a blogger award from Ashley. Thanks, Ashley!

Now, I would like to pass this award to 5 bloggers (in no particular order):

1. Cennetta - for her absolutely amazing sewing creations!
2. Alhana - for her determination to crochet even in sweltering heat and for finally going public with her crocheting!
3. Kar - for being a true yarn stash buster and for her entertaining family/crafting stories!
4. Nichole - for being an inspiration and finally picking up the knitting needles again!
5. Jenni - for showing me that it truly is possible to knit, crochet, and sew equally well!

Keeping Cozy

Finally, I got the chance to photograph some of the things that I've been making. Here are a couple of neckwarmers and the beanies again. A coworker requested the yellow one for the football games with our Raider logo (high school mascot) and she offered to sell some more like it at the games. As soon as I work out the color chart for the logo, I plan to make a bunch. The folks in this city are die-hard Raider fans.

Since We Last "Talked"....

Hi friends,

I will be excited when I can blog regularly, but until then, I am stopping by to let you know what's been happening in the month of August:

  1. The Crochet Dude asked for permission to use my gray handbag (that he designed) on his Ravelry page! Who could say no to that?
  2. Organized my yarn stash and crafting tools. The yarn is organized by weight.
  3. Bought a yarn winder and a swift. Right now I'm just using the yarn winder and it is so fun to use. Great invention.
  4. Made a couple of beanie caps with some Moda Dea yarn I purchased on clearance at different times this summer. One is a wool/acrylic blend; the other is a wool/silk blend. Those will go in the shop a little later.
  5. Made a couple of cowls or neckwarmers. One matches the hat; the other is own it's own. Those also will go into the shop. (No pictures for these at this time. Keep checking back.)
  6. Found a hat that I made back in the early spring or late winter of 2009 and realized I never photographed it - maybe because it's super huge, so I am now calling it a rasta style hat, made especially for those with long dread locks. Otherwise, I'm sure this hat would not fit.
  7. Was introduced to a fabulous designer that has me in awe with her creations and use of color: Xenobia Bailey.

Have a great week ahead!

Strawberry Delight Hat with Flower Pin

I finished the custom order for Erica's daughter last night and posted it today. Her daughter L-O-V-E-S pink and so I call this two-tone pink hat my "Strawberry Delight" hat. The flower is detachable.

Hope she likes it!

I'm Back and Trying to Fill You In!

Hi all,

I feel like I've neglected my own blog for a little while now, but it's only because I'm back at work and have been trying to finalize so many things before the students arrive. I have enjoyed reading your blogs and posting about giveaways and such, but now I wanted to show you a few pictures of what I've been doing.

The items I'm posting aren't really new to you, but the photography is. I've been enjoying my lightbox creation and exploring more about photography. For me, photography is a nice way to blend together many of my loves - cooking, crafting, nature, and enjoying friends and family.

Think back to the gray handbag made earlier. Initially I had topstitched the lining but when I began to handstitch the lining to the bag, I didn't like the look so I put this project away. Recently I purchased some transparent thread and used that to handstitch the lining in place.

Here's a revisit to the second fat bottom bag I made. If you recall, it used to have the brown bamboo handles. I changed them out for black ones and sewed black satin bows on the front of the bag.
These bags have now been recently added to my shop. :-)

What am I working on now? A custom hat for Erica's daughter. And getting ready for school.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!


50th Post Giveaway (no, not mine - Nichole's)

Head on over to Nichole's blog and check out her giveaway. She's got an amazing stash for one lucky person! Hurry, the deadline is Thursday.

Best wishes to you (although I'm secretly hoping my name gets pulled out of the hat). :-D

Congrats, Nichole, on your 50th post!

Grandma's Shawl

On Thursday, my grandma celebrated her 77th birthday. Our family held a birthday celebration for her on Friday. As a person who doesn't like too many surprises, she was told about this celebration, but she only thought her direct line was coming - her kids and some of her grandkids. What she didn't know is that a few other people were invited, like her brother who is turning 81 on Saturday and some cousins that lived close by.

There was so much food and it was too good, but details about that on the other blog - when I finish working with the photos.

I wanted to share some pictures of my grandma wearing the shawl that I finished in the car on the way there. I worked non-stop for the 4 hour drive and was able to finish on time. This isn't a really big shawl like the one for my mom, but I still like it. I think I could wear a shawl like this.

*My back and hand are much better and so now I can work on the custom hat before returning to work. Then I may have to take a short break from the crochet world until I get situated on my job....if I can help it. Don't hold me to this; I'm prone to change my mind. :-D

Camryn's Climbing Shells Baby Blanket

Today I finished the climbing shells baby blanket for Little Miss Camryn Nicole. She's the newborn at my church. If you're interested in making this blanket, you can find the pattern here. It's one that can only be used for gifts or charity, so no Etsy. There is also a preemie version of this on the pattern.

I had to make a change for my grandma's shawl. I still intend to make a shawl out of that wonderful yarn, but my mom and I discussed it and we both think a plain shawl would be best for my grandma. So, I'll be making her a black shawl. That way she can wear it with more of her things.

I also checked You Tube for winding hanks by hand and found a fabulous video or two, but since I'm changing the yarn, I won't have to wind those just yet.

After completing my grandma's shawl, I'm going to have to rest my hand and my back. Both have been a little sore lately and I know why - I've got to make sure my posture is correct while crocheting and that I don't hold the yarn too tightly. The hand that is sore is the one that doesn't even do the crocheting!

So, even if I'm silent on my blog, you'll know that I'm making grandma's shawl!

* Today I found out that I will continue to be employed at my school in the same grade. Now I'm just waiting on the official letter! Whohoo. :-D

Playing Catch Up

Hello my blogger friends,

It's been a while since a real post so I'll fill you in as quickly as I can. I have been spending a lot of time understanding Etsy and getting prepared as best I can before school opens in two weeks. I felt like the more I get done now (on the front end), the better off it will be for me when I have to concentrate more on work and less on crafting, etc.

I recently received my swap package from CT. She's so full of surprises. When I picked up the package from the post office, I told the post lady that I would open it there so I could show her. Her reply was, "Girl, you better!" So the two postal workers and I oohed and ahhed over each item in the box. Times like this is when it's great to live in a small city.

* Contents: a tee shirt, crochet magazine, mercerized cotton in fabulous colors, and a variety of chocolates. Actually the chocolates didn't melt completely. They stuck together. I've tasted one so far that had a fruit filling. Ummm, good. :-) Thanks, CT!

I also wanted to make a few things for Etsy. I've been contemplating matching sets, so I made a hat and scarf set.
I took a custom order for a hat, so I'll get started on that soon. The person ordering it is someone I know so they didn't need it right this moment, which is good because our family has experienced another death and so we must leave again today to go to Maryland. This time it's the mother of the cousin that passed away about three weeks ago. So, please pray for us.

You know I don't like having multiple WIPS, but this time it can't be helped. A girl at church had her first baby and I'm making the blanket this time. It has taken me forever to find the right baby blanket pattern that didn't bore me. (I took the other two out and changed yarns twice.) Then I had to get in a baby blanket making mood, so now her blanket is halfway done. I want to finish before I start work or at least before the kids come.
Here's the pattern up close. Isn't it the cutest?

The other project that will get started really soon is the present for my grandma's 77th birthday, which is next weekend. I decided on making a shawl, but not the same as my mom's. I ordered some sock yarn from BPyarns on Etsy and it is so fabulous! I have to roll these hanks into balls and it's no fun. I see why people buy swifts and yarn winders. At least the yarn winder is next on my "to purchase" list.
I'm planning on taking both the blanket and the shawl with me on the road, just in case I have a few spare minutes to work on them in the hotel or when I'm not driving.

And then, I've been working some on my photography.

Whew! I guess that's it for now. School starts for teachers on August 17th so next week I'll have to spend time really trying to unpack my room, get arranged and ready.

Ciao for now. And have a great weekend ahead.


I was tagged, and then I was tagged again.

First, Alhana made an open invitation and I considered it. Then Alessandra put my name in print, so I felt I must comply. :-D

Here are the rules:

1. Collect the book you have most handy.
2. Turn to page 161.
3. Find the 5th complete sentence.
4. Cite the sentence on your blog.
5. Pass it on to five other blog friends.

Out of all these books in my house, I had to find one that wasn't a children's book and that had more than 161 pages! The first adult book I glanced at was Esmeralda Santiago's Almost a Woman, so from that here is the sentence:

I thought one of her sons had been accused of killing somebody and silently prayed that it hadn't been NeftalĂ­.

I love this book! I love the whole trilogy. (It's printed in English or Spanish. The Spanish one is entitled Casi Una Mujer. There's no excuse now. ) :-D

Where Have I Been? School is almost about to begin and I'm working diligently to finish projects, organize the new shop, clean my house - for real, and prepare for the new year. I promise a real post as soon as I can. I even have a new swap idea, but details about that later and after the current swaps have passed. Until then, I'll be checking in on your blogs!

Ooh La La...Another Giveaway

That's right folks....a GIVEAWAY (if you reside in the U.S). My friend Gloria has decided to celebrate her 100th post by giving away a cool bag filled with goodies. Check out her blog to see what's in store for the lucky winner! Don't delay, the deadline is August 15th!

Good Luck!

Learning To Be Thankful

There's always a prayer at the end of each Sunday School lesson in my lesson book. This time I thought I'd share it just in case it may be what you need as well.