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Just popping into let you know that my finger is on the mends, and it feels much better now. I went to a family cookout around the corner from a Joann's yesterday and was able to find a fabric to line the grey purse with and a black handle for the red fat bottom bag.

Now let me tell what I haven't been able to find all month long and it's really getting to me - green cotton yarn. Someone asked me to make a slouch hat in a particular color scheme and I wanted to make it in cotton being that they live in a relatively warm state all year long. The problem is is that for some reason I cannot find a regular green cotton yarn. I have been to so many stores in the past month, and I only see sage green or sometimes lime green. I didn't really want to order it because of the time factor, but I see now that I probably should have. So far the only place I've even seen it online is from the actual manufacturer - Peaches and Creme, which is made right here in my own state. When I went to place an order, the shipping was outrageous so I deleted my cart. So, in the end, I may have to sacrifice and just purchase one or two skeins from there instead of what I had in mind. This hat could have been made in an hour if it wasn't for this.

Now, that's my gripe for the day. I'm done now; it's off my shoulders, and tomorrow I hope to happily complete a project or two. :-)

* I have enjoyed reading your blogs inspite of my own blog absence. :-)


  1. Hi Libby, Joanns here have green cotton yarn http://www.joann.com/joann/catalog.jsp?CATID=cat3062&PRODID=prd2704
    if you want, you can send me money through paypal and I can purchase for you and mail it for much less than what you you pay.
    Let me know, I can help you out.

  2. Oh that would be perfect. I'm looking for the emerald green. My email is nccu0598[at]yahoo.com. I should have posted this awhile back. :-)


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