What Summer Means for a Southern Girl

My dad did the husking. I did the shucking. And, mom did all the rest, so I really can't say a word. :-)


  1. That reminds me of when I'd go visit my grandmother in Clinton, NC. Brings back many a memory. By the way I love the blog design. Very kewl.

  2. Do you just bag 'em and freeze 'em to eat instead of the canned stuff? Or are you planning to make something with the kernels? Corn fritters maybe?

  3. We freeze whole ears and the kernels. Sometimes the kernels are used to eat regularly, or you can cream them. Sometimes added into soups and such or to cornbread. The purpose basically is just to have these fresh veggies that you can't get fresh in the winter time. :-)

  4. Wow what a great display of bagging corn. I must say that it took me back to when I was a small child helping my parents. Like your new blog design.


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