The Upside

My mom said that the upside of the empty envelope is that the 5 business cards that I put in the envelope are probably floating around on some post office floor. She said that some random person will pick up the business card, check out my Etsy shop and buy something! Leave it to mom to come up with an upside. She left me in stitches. :-)

On another note, I went to a little girl's birthday party this evening and it was a blast. I felt like a little princess. I had my camera out and little kids were like, "Take my picture, maestra." Hanging around little people under 5 years old makes you forget all the bad stuff. They are hilarious!


  1. Good thing you have your Mom to keep you up beat about this! Too funny!

    How was the fish fry at your Mom's the other day? Sounds good! Sounds like the birthday party was fun!

    Have fun dear!

  2. aren't moms the greatest? they are always right of course... sheez! I'm toast! I am a mess AND I'm a mom!!! poor, poor girls of mine!

    I like your mom already too!!! hehehe!

    Ups! dijimos que ibamos a corresponder solo en español! lo siento! dejé el cerebro en la nevera a enfriar esta tarde y olvidé volver a ponermelo para venir a trabajar!

  3. Mama is always right!

    I was thinking the same thing but thinking I wonder if you has a tag on the hat with her esty address.

    Yes, I know what u mean about little ones, they can really cheer you up. I take my niece alisia every now and then just because it gives me an excuse to be silly, color, do her hair, bake with much fun....miss my kids being that age. Well once in awhile I miss it. lol

  4. I forgot to answer you question about the granny square afghan, it's not my design... the pattern is from a Brazilian magazine that I have.

  5. Lib I remember you taking the corn of the husk and freezing it so I thought I would share this tasty recipe.

  6. How upsetting for your friend not to receive your gift, and for you too with all that work that you put in. Never mind, make another one and hope that whoever has it now really appreciates it. Dev x


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