Thursday's Happenings...

Yesterday, I discovered a great purse that I wanted to try. You know, I had seen this pattern before, but thank goodness to Ravelry posters because due to the pictures of their work that I saw, I decided to make this bag myself. I thought I would have been finished today but I cut my finger while washing some kitchen shears and it's mighty sore....and the band aid kept getting in the way.

So here is what I have so far. I had a lining that I was planning to use. It was a cotton fabric of pink, yellows, and greys, but now that I decided to use these black accents, I want some sort of black satin or satin-like fabric. You know the deal with the fabric, so I won't go there. I also can't find purse handles anywhere, but I have this bag of my own that I don't care for, but I love the handles, so I will cut them off and use them for this bag.

When I found those buttons today, I also came across some satin flowers that I thought might work for the red fat bottom bag. It needed something on the front to make it pop. What do you think or should I keep looking? Brown handles and black

If you're wondering how I spent my day since I haven't been crafting, well it's simple:
1. I re-joined a gym (Curves) on yesterday and had my first workout this morning.
2. I ran errands, and finally bought some milk!
3. The slideshow tells it all:


  1. First, jealous of the fresh corn on the cob! Then I hope your finger is better. I hate that when I cut myself somehow and it monkey's with my yarn time. The worst!

    I think the handles from the "don't care for" bag will look great on your new bag. And the cute buttons look FAB on the red bag. Nice choice!


  2. I think those buttons look good, you should keep them.
    Sorry about your finger, hope it gets better soon so you can finish your WIP!

  3. yes, I would like that! I definitely could use encouragement. It's so easy to go off track. Good luck with the new gym (I wish we had a curves nearby, I'd much prefer an all womens gym.)

  4. Good luck at the gym, I've never been in one of those places in my life! lol.
    I'm lining my fat bag with satin-like fabric too, it looks like our minds are connected :-)
    I vote for black handles & buttons. Take care!

  5. Love the could also use a gray fabric....I don't like black because it get lint all over from the yarn...and other things.......well that just me.....both bags are adorable and great idea to recyle a bag your not using any longer......I have seen post where woman go to second hand store and purchase bags just for the handles because they are expensive in the craft store.

    That corn looked so good and sorry you cut your finger........I did that last week......I was walking around with a star wars band-aid ..yoda!

    Have a great to go start dinner.
    hey guess what the hubster and I pulling up stakes and going to Austin Texas for who knows 6 months or as long as 4 years. I am excited and happy to know that I won't have to live through a cold new england winter this year.

  6. Yes Texas will be different. If we go to Texas then Tom can retire in 4 years. I retired 3 years ago due to lupus and IC so I can't wait for him to be home so we travel and play!!!!! Girl I get bored, and it would seem that I see something and decide oh I like sort of like changing outfits 9 times before a date.......won't stop until I find one that satisfy me. I bet that corn would make some great corn chowder early fall. Oh how I love corn chowder with the little oyster crackers!


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