Sneak Peek


In a few moments my parents and I have to drive to Maryland. One of my cousins passed away and the funeral is tomorrow. My dad is officiating, so off we have to go again. This trip is about 7 1/2- 8 hours long. Please pray for our safe travels, especially since it is a holiday weekend. We will be back on Saturday.

I didn't want to keep you waiting too long, so I'm showing you the present I got back from Peru. Lucho picked out the backpack. He did good. His mother-in-law picked out the yarns. She also did good, especially since I've never met her!

These are alpaca yarns and I think they will make great knitted items. So until I can improve my knitting skills to make something special (not like a sunglass holder - lol) I'm putting the yarns in the drawer. :-)

This backpack has now become my WIP bag. Now I can put away that vinyl tote that I kept carrying around.


  1. I'm sorry about your cousin, Libs! may she rest in peace

    those are gorgeous colors! and the back pack is super cute!!!

  2. I hope you guys have a safe trip.

    Wonderful stuff you got from Peru, lucky girl!

  3. Is the backpack also made of alpaca? It's so soft. Hope you improve your skills soon to knit something beautiful with it!

  4. So sorry to here of the loss in your family. Please have a safe trip.

    Love the bag and the colors of the yarn. What wonderful friends you have.

    Stay safe!

  5. Lib my deepest sympathies to you and your family. I just said a pray for safe return. Love the backpack...I love alpacas! There is a farm right here in town and I often go there to pat the alpaca and walk give me a peacful love the yarn and would use alpaca all the time if I could afford it, it is allergy free, the best yarn it has no chemicals like most yarns.

    Lets us know when you return.

    God bless!


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