She Likes It

I gave mom her gift today and she really likes it. She said that she knew I had to be making her something because I've been making all these things lately and none of it has been for her. It's so hard to truly surprise her. Moms know everything. :-)

She's so dramatic. Now, you see where I get that! :-)

Well, my grandma (my mom's mom) is turning 77 in a couple of weeks - depending on which birthdate/birth certificate she uses (you know how it was in those days with records). lol My mom has already suggested that I make my grandma something, so now I have to start thinking because I don't really know what my grandma likes. She's so private like that. And she says she hates surprises. ??? Anything you give her she says she likes, but I want to make something she really would want. I usually only see my grandma once or twice a year, so mom and I will have to put our heads together on this one.


  1. The shawl suits your mom perfectly!
    I would suggest a purse for your grandma. Turning 77? She's so young! Mine turned 94 two weeks ago.

  2. I think you could make her another shawl! it turned out beautiful! all lacy and cute!

    lol! my grandma won't tell her age, but she forgets we can calculate it based on my mother's age! Lol!

  3. @ Alhana, I never thought of my grandma being young or not. She got married at 16 and had all 5 kids by age 21, so I guess that accounts for her youth! She doesn't even have gray hair. :-)

    @CT! That's so funny! We take my mom's age and add 16. My granddad, when he was alive, used to lie about his age. He always wanted to be older, so when he really got past the the age he kept lying about he couldn't remember his real age! lol

  4. You know, Libby, your family is impressive, both on your mom's and your dad's side :-D

  5. Beautiful job on the shawl. Not sure where grandma lives but you know my mother in law loves the fingerless mittens I made her because her hands are always cold even in the house....I made her matching open front vest no buttoms just something that she can put on and off easy but at the same time it's a big snugger than a shawl and keeps her back warm...!
    Lib I know all about big families my great grandmother had 19 children, we where in the newspaper one time in the 70's for having the most the state not to mention that my family over the years evolved into a tri-racial family...yes we are caucasian, african american and hispannic.......yes, we have some pretty blue eyed carmel babies in my Sept. of 2007 my brothers and I took our families/kids to Sea World, we where all in my brothers Van and the music was playing, we were making fun of my brother telling him he couldn't dance and I looked around and smiled at the thought of who would have ever thought that one day we would all be together of different color, race, loving, laughing and living life together. I eyes filled with tears of joy.
    Don't get me wrong we can do some fighting, tempers can flare in this Italian, Columbian, rican, with a dash of african family...! I remember a cousin of mine was trying to explain to us what 1st, 2nd, 3rd cousins where and she used this girl nancy as an example well wouldn't you know we were even more confused because we thought for the longest time that Nancy was our cousin....this Irish girl...ha ha!
    My mom got married at just 15 and had 3 kids by 21. My husband is 57 and my mom is 61. There 16 years between me and mom and 14 between Tom and I. That proves that age is just a number!!!!

  6. The shawl looks wonderful on your Mom! You can tell she loves it! How funny! I would think that your grandmother would love a shawl made by you. :)



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