The Rasta Floral Slouch

If you recall, not that long ago, I posted a gripe post about not being able to find green cotton yarn. Alessandra to the rescue! She found the yarn, we exchanged via Etsy, and yesterday it arrived. All this in a matter of days. Thanks, girl!

Because I had the green yarn, yesterday I was able to make the hat that had been requested of me. I plan to make some more of these for my future Etsy shop. Yes, I said it, so you can hold me to it. :-D

The Rasta Floral Slouch:

I hope she likes it. :-)


  1. I'm glad I could help.
    If you ever need me again, it's a pleasure to come to your rescue! :o)
    Love the hat, by the way.

  2. You said it! I'll be waiting for that.
    The Rasta hat turned out beautifully, hope she likes it too :-)

  3. Oh it looks beautiful!!!!! you are one talented girl!

  4. Glad you were able to get the green yarn and finish the hat. It looks great! Alessandra is sweet isn't she!


  5. On the sock yarn; if there is a color you like and it's the right yarn weight, use it. It doesn't matter that it's been labeled for one particular thing. Go for it! You have to go to and look at their "Stroll" sock yarn. Very pretty colors! And you can use that for anything that calls for fingering weight yarn. I'm considering it for a shrug or something.

    Do what you want Libby and be free! LOL!!!

  6. Lib nice souchy. Love the way you put colors together. I was peeking at your photos on Rav and you have done some great work.


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