Playing with the Lightbox

This evening I was helping a friend photograph some eggplants for her digital media class. I really wanted a chance also to try out the lightbox I made. Because the sun was out pretty strong this evening, I decided not to try out the lamps, but to put the lightbox outside on the porch and see what I could get.

I know that I need to practice working with this new piece of "equipment" but I think I will enjoy it. I will admit; however, that this box is a little cumbersome for transporting. I see why the collapsible ones are so handy.


  1. That, and not having room for it at home, is why I want a collapsible one ;-)

  2. Hi Libby!
    Just wanted to check in on your your exercising is going? I had a neighbor tell me last night that I look like I've lost weight and it wsa very encouraging and motivating to hear. Buuttt... at work today I couldn't resist the fresh fruit pies that were brought in by a co-worker! Ack! Guess I'll just have to hit the gym harder today!

    I also wanted to share a friend of mine's blog with you. She's created a 10% weight loss challenge with giveaways and such. You can check it out here:

    Hope you're doing well!


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