My Saturday

Today was an eventful day. First, I found out my swap partner was CT! (I've already scoped out some possible choices for you. hee hee hee) Then I called a parent of one of my former student's from four or five years ago. She told me yesterday that she had tomatoes to give me and my mom, so I stopped by their farm today and she gave me a whole box of green roma tomatoes! My mom and I are taking some out today and taking the box to church tomorrow so everybody else can get some if they want.

This evening a group of ladies from my church and from another church in our district got together for our quarterly birthday dinner. We ate at Golden Corral and celebrated the birthdays of 6 ladies, two of whom were absent. We had a great time though. We even drew names for our Christmas gathering. This will be interesting/exciting because I drew the name of someone that I don't even know. She married into the family and just moved to the area.

And about crocheting. My current project is for my mom. I got a KnitPicks catalog in the other day and since my mom and I share a post office box, she thumbed through it exclaiming about how pretty the shawls in there were. This was done one day before her birthday. Hint, Hint. So, I knew what she wanted but there wasn't time enough to work that miracle. I've never made a shawl before and I couldn't find the perfect cotton yarn for that pattern. I settled on an acrylic baby yarn in white. I think I'll like how it will come out in the end.

Here is just a beginning of this shawl. I have many more rows to go, but at least they are all decreases. :-)

Here is the stitch a little closer.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Sounds like a good Saturday to me!
    The shawl is awesome Libby, that is something you might consider listing in your future etsy shop.
    Hope you have a great Sunday!

  2. I agree, that shawl is awesome. You know I'm a copycat: you bought a hook organizer, I bought one too; you made a fat bottom bag, I made one too... Now a voice is whispering in my ear: you have that yarn, you want to make that shawl too... But I can't make it without the pattern (hint, hint). ;-)
    Have a nice day at the church sharing tomatoes and happiness!

  3. That is a beautiful shawl Libby. Between you and Alessandra you make some beautiful pieces. I love how delicate it looks and it will be perfect for warm summer evenings. Your Mother is a very lucky lady. Dev x

  4. Am I lucky or what? Lol! I got your yarn today and your chocolate too! Glad you had such a great time this weekend, and the shawl is looking great! I am looking at the yarn and wondering what awesome things you'll make from it!!!

  5. Love the pattern for the shawl. Your Mom is going to love it! Where did you find the pattern?

    Hope you had a great day!


  6. Thanks for the pattern hint. I'm going to have to look for that book "the Happy Hooker".



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