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Here are two projects that I finished up today.

I started this FBB while I was at the braid shop. I see now that when you begin a project such as this one, you need to get all of the materials at one time. Here, the only store that sold fabric was Wal-Mart, but recently Wal-Mart sent all of their sewing items to another store. It's a shame that I can't find any other place that sells fabric within a 70 mile radius. I ended up settling for this fat quarter piece I found at a Wal-Mart in a neighboring county. Needless to say, I bought some extras in other colors for future bags since they were only $1 a piece.
The washcloth is the one I mentioned some time ago that needed 3 stitches of the yarn I ran out of. I still didn't find the yarn even though my dad kept stopping along the highway on the way home from MD every time I saw a craft shop. I ended up purchasing the same color in a different brand. I can tell the difference in the two in general, but I don't think it's that noticeable on the actual project. I need to block this cloth so that it lies flat.

I'm finding that my fingers crave the crochet hook almost daily. When I intend on not crocheting, my fingers get the itch. Anybody know what I mean?


  1. I know exactly the feeling, I think I am addicted to crochet!

  2. Those look great and the different yarn is not noticeable at all. I also know what you mean, I've found myself hooked on crochet every single free minute I have!

  3. The bag turned out great. I know what you mean about Walmart changing every thing in their craft area. They have totally gotten rid of the fabric at the store closest to our house. I'm miffed. And the yarn selection was severely cut. Not good.

    I can't tell the difference where you used the new yarn on the dishcloth. I know what you mean about getting the itch to crochet. I'm like that the majority of the day now that I'm very close to finishing the baby blanket I'm working on. I just want to move on to other projects running through my little ole' head!

    Have a great day Libby!


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