Mom's Shawl - Finished!

I couldn't resist finishing my mom's shawl. I also couldn't resist trying it on. I can't wait to give this to her in the morning. :-D

Let me just say that blocking is everything!


  1. Do you also block shawls? I thought that was for granny squares only. I have a lot to learn outside the doily world *lol*
    It is gorgeous!! I mean it! I like this edging better than the one at the pattern you showed us. Well done!

  2. Oh lucky, lucky Mum..that shawl is divine. Congratulations on such a stunning piece of work. Puts my grannies in the shade! Dev x

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Your Mom is going to LOVE it!


  4. Wow! it looks great!!!!! congrats, Libby! you rock!

  5. Wow! it looks great!!!!! congrats, Libby! you rock!

  6. What a lovely shawl! Turned out bigger than the one I had made from that pattern. Your mom will love it! Don't you just love making gifts?

  7. @ Alhana, yes you can block shawls too. I was checking finished projects on Ravelry and some people mentioned blocking theirs so I gave it a try.

    @ Ashley, this shawl was significantly smaller before I blocked it. I only blocked it because I didn't use a drapier yarn (if that makes sense). I'd like to try this pattern again in a softer yarn.

  8. I love this shawl Libby, its so delicate and beautiful!
    Lovely, lovely, work friend!


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