It's Official

Today I clicked on the "sell" button on Etsy, and now I am officially listed as an Etsy online business. The URL is: Don't get too excited because there's nothing there...yet, but I wanted you to know I did it.

Why did I do it today? A friend of mine lost his job at IBM after 14 years and is now making his love/hobby of videography and photography his main job. He's been working steadily in that until recently and while I was motivating him to try new angles of his job/reinvent himself, I thought that I should take my own advice.

I've been wanting to do this for some time now (secretly scared to actually do it). I even had business cards made up about a month ago.

That's it for now. Wish me well! :-)


  1. Best wishes for your new krafty-business!! :-D

  2. Hey Libs! congratulations! hope you sell tons!

  3. Love the business cards! Good luck!!!

  4. Congrats Libby! You go girl! I've so got to get my tail moving and start a shop for myself. :) Love the cards!


  5. Libby just the other day I was looking at my chair which is piled high of finished projects and I thought my chair is beginning to look like Libby tub of finished

    Congratulations. Truth be told I haven't wanted to take on any new ventures until after I move. I do have an idea for an esty store but didn't want to add to my stash of yarn or fabrics because then I would have more to lug to Texas.

    Wishing you luck and patience! One of my blogger friends who shall remain nameless due to confidentiality was just about ready to give up on her esty store when she out of the blue began to get busy and now she is going strong.

    The esty stores that do well seem to be the one's that stick to 1 product with theme.........!
    There is one woman who crochets glove, fingless, scarfs, hats, and makes matching pieces for owner love this stuff!!!!

    Sorry to hear about your friend losing his job, that must have shaken him up, 14 yrs is a long time. He is lucky to have a good friend like you.
    Lib the world is definitely changing but all we can do is unite and support one another in these trying times.

  6. Libby, I know that if you were closer to us Glenn would share his banana peppers with you, minus the licks! LOL!!! There is more out there but they just need to get bigger. You coming to Idaho any time soon? LOL!!!



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