I Need a System that Works

Help! I am officially overloaded by my own pictures. I need a tried and true system that works for photo organization on the computer.

Here is what I have:
1. Tons of photos in folders by date taken.
2. Folders in categories (i.e. nature, people, events...) with subfolders (i.e. portraits, family reunions, weddings...) and sub-subfolders (you get the idea).
3. Lots and Lots of photos that aren't categorized and multiples of the same photo.

Why multiples? Because I was afraid to do any correction on the main photo, so I have the original and the one I fixed. But then I may have wanted to Photoshop the main photo differently than a basic color correction, so then I started having these multiples.

I need help organizing and deciding when and what to trash.

* I finally purchased an external hard drive to back up my files, but I still feel that may not be enough.

Thanks in advance,


  1. Have you looked into Picasa? I don't know a ton about it, but I generally like Google's offerings.


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