Give Me a Break

You remember the rasta hat that I gifted? Well, it just so happens that the recipient never got it. Yes, she got my envelope....with not a thing inside! The mailman said all the contents fell out. Gee whiz. Somebody somewhere has a really nice freebie. I'll look at it as, someone else needed that one. I think I'll make and send another, but this time I'll insure it.

"Now I know and knowing is half the battle."
G.I. Joe., a real American hero. (Do you remember that cartoon? Think 1980s.)


  1. The envelope you sent me came a little ripped too. Fortunately, nothing was "lost"!
    I feel bad for you and your friend. :-(

  2. The crochet necklace I sent to the giveaway winner also got lost, I mean, she only received my envelope and I had to make another one... oh well, that was the only time though.
    Make sure to put your crochet items in a ziploc bag before you send it, so it doesn't get wet or have stitches pulled.

  3. Hey Lib did that mail man have dreads??

    Take it as a compliment!

  4. Aw no! you are supposed to be able to trust the people who carry your mail! sometimes, when I ordered books the boxes would come open... but I guess books were not as appealing as that lovely hat and a super cute crochet necklace!

  5. Libby, Glenn said to go to the post office (where you mailed it) and let them know what happened. Give them the address it was going to and a description of the hat and ask them to "trace" it to see if it is in one of the sorting facilities or even in the "dead mail" area. Chances are the envelope got caught in one of the sorting machines, hat fell out, no one noticed it right off and did not know which envelope it belonged to. Happens alot with envelopes that are not put into the "hand" sort bin and if they are too bulky for the machines they get ripped open. I hope this helps and they are able to help you. :)

  6. What a bummer! Good thing you're a speedy crocheter and make another in no time at all! =P


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