Get Your Lunch On...

Today, I forced myself to get out of the house and go stand in line at the post office. How did I know there was going to be a line...The answer is simply, because it's hot. Whenever it's hot it seems like you have to stand in line in an air-conditioned place that has a poorly functioning air condition. But I did it because I really wanted to mail that package. :-) oh, and of course, pick up our bills!

On the way home I decided to pick up lunch, instead of cooking when I got home. I stopped at La Cabana's to pick up a vegetarian fajita meal. Is is strange to not want to eat meat when it's really hot or is that just me? Well, this is the first time I ordered this and I was pleased. I just wanted to show you my serving of what I ordered. As little as I eat at one time, I could easily get two more meals out of what I ordered. lol

Inside the tortilla are grilled vegetables. The of course the other things are refried beans, rice, and a salad (lettuce, guacamole, onions, tomatoes) to fill in the tortilla.



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