Fish and Finances

My mom called in the late morning and invited me over for a fish breakfast (well you might as well say brunch). When I got over there she had fried fish and fresh creamed corn. She had just silked the corn this morning. I ate the spots and my parents had the croakers. They have way too many thick bones in that for my tastes.

The food and fellowship was good and then we began talking about finances..... My brother bought my mom and I both a copy of Lee Jenkin's book, Taking Care of Business: Establishing a Financial Legacy for the African American Family. I haven't started reading mine yet, but my mom has and she's been feeding me snippets the entire time. Basically, the premise of the book is about how Christians should manage the other 90% of their income, trusting that the top 10% is given to tithes. I need to get started on my copy now. Hey, maybe this minister offers seminars!

Have a great weekend! My plans: to attend a little girl's birthday party on tomorrow. She's turning 5 or 6. I better find out. Maybe I'll get some good pictures. :-)


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