Day 3

Today was pretty good in terms of eating more filling foods and such. Again, I did the water and lemon juice this morning and the acidophilous. I didn't get up as early as I should or could have so I didn't have much for breakast - peach yogurt. Lunch though was really great. My buddies in the "Man Cave" prepared a vegetarian lunch that was quite tasty: vegetable stir fry, a crock pot brown rice dish, and some marinated cucumbers - all with an Oriental flare. So, in a sense, this was a really good day to pick up my computer. :-)

After a lunch such as that one, I didn't really need much for dinner. I finished eating the black beans and rice dish from yesterday and topped it off with a cup of green tea. I do feel somewhat better. I feel "lighter" for sure.

Could I become a vegetarian? Well, the answer to that, in short, is this - only if I found (for myself) a solid reason to do so. What I mean by that is, I would have to make that choice based on my on personal reasons and not by the coercion of outside people that think that I should become one. Only then would I be completely happy with my choice. Until then, I will remain as I am - a sometimes on/sometimes off, meat eater. (There sure are some good vegetarian dishes though.) lol

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