Another Rasta Slouch Hat

I finished another rasta slouch hat today. I just rearranged the colors from the last one. One thing I'm learning about myself is that I don't often like to make the same thing twice, in the same way.

The other one was a gift. This one will go into the shop.


  1. It's boring making the same thing again. I've made 60 hexagons for the bedspread and I'm bored! ;-)
    It turned out nicely. To the shop!

  2. I am the same way! I have to at least change colors!!! it looks great Libs!

  3. I cannot get over how pretty that shawl is and it looks so lovely on your Mum. Something for her to treasure. Not enough time to make one for your grandma?? I am sure that she would love it, or maybe it's not her sort of thing? Dev X

  4. Love slouchy hats. Looks great. My 94 year old mother-in-law wants me to make her one. I tried my black one on her which isn't quite as full and she loved it and looked adorable in it.

    have a great weekend.


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