And What About Day 5????

Yeah, what about it? It was a bust. I tried to adhere to my plan, but it was nigh near impossible. First off, we got to the hotel in Md at 2 a.m. so by the time we were checking out, breakfast was over and we had to get something quick due to the funeral. We ended up at Burger King of all places and I ended up with a fish sandwich. You see, I had already planned to only add fish back on the weekend, but I hadn't intended to eat it for breakfast.

It was ok, but it didn't feel right on my stomach. At the repast, there was all that food, and there seemed to be meat in everything. How many ways can you prepare chicken? Finally I spotted some meatless pasta dishes, so I tried a couple of those and some water. That was it for me.

We got back on the road again, but I will admit I ate a part of a chicken sandwich at Panera Bread somewhere in Virginia. It was not bad, but I realized that I could have been totally content with just that broccoli cheddar soup that accompanied the sandwich. If I had to do it over, I would have ordered a large serving of that soup and called it a day.

So, I wasn't able to completely finish what I started, but due to the circumstances, I believe it would be understandable. Um, my aunt called me and told me that she ate a piece of fish on Friday, so we're even. :-)

I'm back home, and it feels good.


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