Taking it Back

Ok, here is what I pieced together for my disco look (circa 1980s).

Tomorrow, it's definitely Ms. Professional because the 5th grade graduation is in the morning. What will I say??? I'll try not to cry, but I can't promise that. :-)


  1. I wish my teachers were as cool as you ;-)

  2. Thanks, but it's not really hard to impress 10 & 11 year olds. When I teach, I mean business, but I like to have fun too. Once the rules are set and enforced, it's easier to do things like this without losing respect or a reasonable amount of control. :-)

  3. Girl that belt looks familiar..lol! Thank Goodness I don't have to many pics from the 80's the days of mullets, perms and long shirts with tails and the silver and gold shirts..!

  4. You look FAB! Glad to hear that everyone had fun at field day. Especially to hear that some of the kids were crocheting between things. Isn't that the neatest! I would cry. :) Just awesome!

    Have fun tomorrow and have a great last day of the school year!


  5. And yes Libby, the yarn I'm using for the baby blanket is Vanna's Choice Baby. There is no purple in that line so the purple I'm using is Red Heart. Gotta have some purple in it for Em. :) So far, so good. It's going to look great!



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