A Sweet Surprise

My friend from Peru's husband had to make an emergency visit back to his country. It's been two weeks and he got back yesterday. When I stopped by after church today, what did they have waiting for me: a backpack made in Peru with the llama on the front and what was inside - alpaca acrylic yarns!!!

Ooh, I wish I could show you, but I must wait until I have my camera and my computer.

Now I must force myself to sleep because we leave at 1 a.m.

Until then....


  1. can't wait to see the alpaca

  2. Alpaca! :-D
    I got an alpaca Peruvian hat when my friend went there to work. It feels very nice.

  3. I'm drooling over your alpac yarn from peru and I haven't even seen it yet........yeah I know I'm a yarn addict, it's true! I know how lost you can feel without the computer, but you get lots of crocheting down.


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