The Silver Lining

It has been one unbelievably strained day and I'm just really getting home....but the upside is that -

1. Somehow by the end of the day someone asked to borrow one of my hooks and then I saw one girl teaching another how to make a chain stitch when they were on break. That turned into we're going to be crocheting during our party on Monday; everybody bring your hooks!!! (This will be one interesting event.)

2. One of the other girls who is crocheting with her mom is also very talented in claymations. We were cleaning the room down and passing out past projects when I noticed again her clay creations:
And look what her mom gave her. She found it at ROSS for $2.99:
There are some really cool patterns in there.

3. Due to the mandatory budget cuts that took effect immediately, my parents are bailing me out and helping to buy party decorations this year. The theme is DISCO and I picked up the party supplies at a local store. I can't wait to get the invitations out tomorrow. (Yes, my parties are by invite only.) :-)
4. A kind soul had some extra grocery store gift cards leftover from something and offered to purchase the food for the party. WOW. God is definitely good. She met me at the grocery store after I left the party store and paid with that card.

5. I am home. My mom cooked extra dinner which included me, so I didn't have to cook. Now I can finish the scarf project:

So, even though the day has been very hard, there is much to be thankful for. Now I must go and finish that scarf. Onward!

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  1. My days aren't so interesting, plus I don't know anyone besides my mom's friend who crochets! Lucky girl!

    ps: I'd like to be invited to that party, too bad I can't attend ;-)


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