A Quick Update

So, the request for gloves has been conveniently changed to a scarf. I wonder how that happened? * insert sheepish grin here.* It is a skinny v-stitch scarf that I already started on since I had to go get my allergy shots today. And I think I will also go with the v-stitch and treble crochet laphan patterns that I have as well for those two projects. Last night I found a cute crocheted rose, stem and all, online and I believe that will be all the patterns I need for right now. Then, like I mentioned earlier, I plan to take a short mental and hand break before doing any new projects. :-)


  1. I cannot imagine gloves right now with the weather turning so hot, but in the fall I will have to finish my fingerless gloves. V-stitch scarves are so visually pleasing and quick to make.

  2. Gwen, I know what you mean, but he said, "I can use them in the winter." Still, I'm happy to do the scarf instead because my deadline is coming around the corner very quickly. :-)

  3. Haha, wise girl! I wonder how that happened too ;-)

    How short will be that break?

  4. when I think about gloves, I thing about knitted ones... it would be ontersting to see some crocheted gloves though, but I'm glad you are not going to have to go through all the trouble to do that.


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